About Us

Consulting and coaching for excellence & equity in education OUR HISTORY

Founded in 1995 with a $150 grant from Hubert Forbes Romney "Pa," after whom the company is named, Romney Associates is now in its 23rd year. A successful small businessman and an immigrant with a 4th grade education, “Pa” valued education and taught his children the importance of hard work.

Romney Associates, Inc. has worked with human services agencies, arts organizations, small businesses and communities. Over the years, our work has come to focus on educational institutions from PK through graduate school. In all of the venues in which we work we commit to the following:

Principles of Practice

- Work in partnership with individuals and organizations.
- Remember that relationships precede cognition and connection precedes correction (change).
- Engage in positive, empowering processes.
- Make our work accountable to the people who hire us, the people whom they employ, and the people they serve.
- Commit to equity and justice.
- Embrace the common good.
- Attend to results.

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